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Up until now, we haven't focused too much on saws. There are a number of other folks out there who restore old panel saws and make excellent new ones. There does seem to be a demand for these, however.

Initially, we will be restoring panel and box saws. There has been a lot of calls for rip saws, but these are getting harder to find. The answer to the problem is obvious. Take good crosscut saws and retooth them. Even though we have the equipment to do this, time and space have been a problem. Recently, however, we found an excellent saw shop that offers this service at a very reasonable price.

Keep in mind that retoothing a saw is just the first step in reconditioning it. Once we get them back, they are broken down for restoration. The plate is thoroughly cleaned and where possible, the engraved emblem is brought back. A slight set is put on the teeth. Brass nuts and medallions are replaced, cleaned and polished. Totes (handles) are repaired where necessary, then stripped and refinished.

Cross cut saws will be offered in the near future, but like we said, a number of other tools specialists are already offering this service. We have been looking at several other ideas and hopefully will expand our saw selection in the very near future.

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