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Our Favorite Links and Other Resources... -- THE HAND TOOL SCHOOL, Shannon Rogers runs an online school, or apprenticeship out of Maryland. It is an excellent way to hone and improve your techniques using old time technology. Sean offers an impressive array of classes/semesters that are purchased as you go. These are progressive so that you can learn or improve basic skills before moving on to more complex projects. Additionally Shannon offers an abundance of information to help you get started as well as the opportunity to confer with him in a one-on-one basis when needed. This is an interesting way to share old technology in a new and innovative way. Shannon is a very personable individual who will answer your queries in a timely manner if you email him. Check this site out...It's an interesting idea! -- Highland Woodworking has been around since 1978. They are not only and excellent source of tools and supplies, but they offer woodworking tips and classes. There is even an online magazine, Wood News. Even though they are accessible online anywhere in the nation, they have an expansive “brick and mortar” in Atlanta, Ga -- Hock Tools, is a small but renown tool maker out of Northern California. A Hock iron in a well tuned Bailey plane makes for an unforgettable tool and gift! They also specialize in plane irons for wooden bodied planes, offering a superb line that is known internationally. Plans for the planes to fit these irons into can also be obtained from them. You might notice that many how-to plans for planes in woodworking magazines are constructed around a Hock iron. -- A Canadian firm that offers a number of quality attachments that make it possible to use modern bits and implements on vintage tools (like I will be offering).
From their website: "Lee Valley Tools has been meeting the needs of serious woodworkers and gardeners for over 30 years as one of the leading mail-order and retail suppliers of woodworking tools, gardening tools and cabinet hardware." -- This is a very high end company that offers quality tools to serious woodworkers. -- Mateo Panzica, Lazarus Handplane Co. - I recently saw a beautiful Lazarus prototype plane go for $1175 on eBay! These are incredible tools! I wish I had the time and patience to even consider building such a piece and hope someone from this site will contact Mateo to purchase such a fine instrument! I've messaged him briefly and he seems like on amiable and genuine artisan. -- Old Street Tool, Inc. - This is one of the few places you can order a new wooden plow (plough) plane! Although I've never seen one of their tools, they look as if they carry an excellent product... -- This is a small, Rockler affiliated shop in Sumner, Washington. This family owned and operated store specializes in several lines of quality tools, but what really makes them special is their service and expertise. Each tool sold has been completely gone over before you get it. Also expect to get a thorough orientation before taking it home. I've received this very same service whether I was buying a simple veining chisel or a jointer. There are several family members always in the store, and between them they always seem to have the answer to any question. Add to all of this their ability to tap into the Rocker network, and this is one awesome little place to shop!

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