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Jump down to: Auger Bit Files

We usually have over 1500 single spiral ("Irwin" style) and double spiral ("Jennings" style) bits in stock at any time. We get our bits from various sources. When they arrive in the shop, they are sorted and as many as half will be culled before they are stored.

Single Spiral No. 12 (3/4 inch) bit
Single Spiral No. 12 (3/4 inch) bit

Rust is the biggest problem when it comes time to recondition an auger bit. They are generally soaked in a chelating agent (Evapo Rust) or run through an electrolysis bath in the first stage of restoration. After this, they are cleaned with a buffing wheel before going on to sharpening and dipping the tangs in our special paint.

Single Spiral No. 12 (3/4 inch) bit
Double Spiral No. 12 (3/4 inch) bit

Each bit is checked for quality and tested several times during the restoration process. Bits are wrapped similar to the originals, but this is not done until just prior to shipment in order to maintain quality control. It's impossible to make many of these bits look as they did when new, but we try to make each one look as good as possible and function as well as they day it was made.

SETS: Bits can be bought individually or in sets. Postage is factored into the price of all our products, so obviously we can offer a lower deal for a set of bits. A "set" is considered six or more bits in any combination of styles and sizes.

We also offer prepacked sets. For single spiral bits, these are based on a sticker published by the Irwin Bit Company. Double spiral bits are offered as a "full" thirteen piece set. Remember however, any six bits will be priced as a "set".

This is a label published by the Irwin Bit Company, listing sets they offered.  We work off this to build our single spiral sets
This is a label published by the Irwin Bit Company, listing sets they offered.
We work off this to build our single spiral sets

SCREW DRIVER BITS: Some of the sets mentioned above will come with screw driver bits, but they will also be offered indiviually or as part of a six or more set. Screw driver bits are considered bits for pricing purposes, and are offered by size, so see their shopping cart for specific information.

TWIST DRILLS: Yes, you can drill metal with a hand brace! We do have a number of twist drills on hand. They are priced the same as auger bits, but can only be offered 'stock on hand'. It's a good idea to contact us if you are interested in purchasing twist drills.

SPECIALTY BITS: At any time we acquire bits other than auger bits. They might include spoon, gimlet or brad point bits. These are prepared and offered up individually, but feel free to contact us if you are looking for a particular type or size of bit.

COLLECTOR BITS: This is a catch all category that includes rare and/or unique bits that may or may not serve a function. We come across these frequently in our searches. These bits are priced indivually and sold "as is" to collectors. Note that this category includes No. 3 (3/16 in) auger bits. We usually have several single and double spiral versions of these on hand. If you are a collector looking for something to round out a set, please contact us.


A "set" is any size or style of six bits or more, but sets are also available pre-packed, following the old Irwin Auger Bit system (See the sticker) In this way, you can either buy a complete set from scratch or finish out a partial set you already have on hand.

These are the same bits featured above, but prices are reduced due to decreased shipping and handling costs.

NOTE: Some customers have requested an entire set of brand name Irwin or Jennings bits. This requires special sorting and processing, so we have to ask extra for this service.

Old Irwin Auger Bit system sticker
Old Irwin Auger Bit system sticker.


Auger bits occasionally need to be sharpened, but due to their unique shape, they need a special file. Here it is. Older versions of this file was thinner. New ones like this can damage the pilot screw smaller bits, and therefore should be used along with a jewelers file for flutes. These work great on the lips and all parts of bits, No. 8 (1/2 in.) and larger.


If you have used a newer auger bit file, you probably realized they are thicker than older versions. The new file is meant for modern power auger bits and don't work well on traditional bits. You soon realize the risk of damaging the pilot screw on bits under one half inch (No.8) Jewelers files can be used, but can damage the face of the bit between the pilot screw and the flute you are trying to sharpen. What is needed is a very thin file with at least one safe edge. The Nicholson Distributor Point File works, but the teeth are very fine and tends to dull quickly....

So here’s the answer!!....

Proto Ignition Point File

...This is the Proto Ignition Point File. This double cut file is almost as course as the Mag Bit auger bit file. There is one safe and one cut edge, so you can safely get down into the tight spaces on a bit as small as a quarter inch (No.4) We offer this 5 1/4 inch file to be used in conjunction with the Mag Bit file.

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