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Baseball Caps...

Baseball caps, unlike other apparel items, have to be embroidered. We purchase them in lots and have them sewn locally, so types and colors will change as we find good deals. The emblem will always be the same, however.

Baseball Caps
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Prices may also vary should we find special deals. So should a special type of cap come along, its price may not be the same as the others.


Here at the farm, we put all our ‘fancy’ into the tools we restore. For everything else, we like simple! Actually, there is a purpose to our simple T’s. The logo sitting up and off to the side can easily be seen, even if the craftsperson is wearing an apron! For now, we will be offering these only in oatmeal, but would love to hear from you if you have any preferences. Also, fancier artwork may come later if there it turns out to be a demand for these.

T-Shirt Logo
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We offer these in the five commonly available sizes, Sm., Med., Lge, XL and 2XL.


There was one reason we came up with our apparel line, and that was aprons! Over time we have come up with several ideas on what is a good shop apron. In the end we realized there needed to be two aprons available. Having two aprons in a wood shop may seem counter intuitive at first, until your realize that the purpose of wearing an apron is not only to protect your clothing, but also to protect the raw wood on your project. You run the risk of contaminating your project with the grime and oil that rubbed off from that cleaning or sharpening job you just did! A second inexpensive apron just makes sense!

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