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Nubian Dairy Goats

About Us...

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Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

When my retirement was in sight several years ago I started thinking, what I was going to do with myself. I had spent forty years in the Military medical field, ending up as a physician assistant, but also have so many other interests. Two of these had been agriculture and woodworking.

I could do a three page biography talking about my love of critters and wood, but instead I'll just say, I've loved critters since I was a kid and had a wood shop of some sort for several decades. Before that, I would spend a lot of my time in recreation wood shops at various Army posts around the world.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

So in 2009 I spent my spare time getting a garden in before I retired, looked around our little place here in Frederickson, Washington and decided to turn it into a hobby farm.....

Hobby farms are a varied and interesting concept. They are incredibly diverse.....and on the rise! These little enterprises do things such as providing specialty items to restaurants, produce goods for farmers' markets, offer niche products or even operate as cooperative producers for Community Service Agriculture (CSA). The purpose for Grandpa's Little Farm? Initially it was to offer produce to local family and friends.....but that goal has already begun to change. We now are finding we have items that the public might be interested in.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

A primary product, as time goes on, will be goat kids. Does need to be bred in order to milk. We purchased a grade Nubian doe early on, but have already obtained a registered buck and have already made deposits for our first registered doe. Our goal is to offer the best kids we can possibly produce.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

I'll also be offering a line of restored and hand made woodworking tools. The idea here is not to offer high dollar collectibles, but to restore good tools and offer them at reasonable prices. It is generally accepted that craftsmanship of these old gems is hard to beat. They can still be found and sadly good tools are often culled out because they do not appeal to collectors. These tools still have life in them. There also has been a surge of people over the last several decades who have wanted to switch off their power tools once in awhile and go back to the basics....Hopefully I can offer those of you in this category a service.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

A final note on the name, Grandpa's Little Farm....Grandma, who's parents came from Austria, wanted to give it a German name, loosely translated as "Dream Come True". I wanted to call it "Gnome Garden". It seemed appropriate as we have told our grand kids gnomes rented our well house and I would give them chocolate coins, claiming it was "gnome rent". Our grand daughter overheard the naming debate one day and piped up, "Its Grandpa's little farm. Why not just call it that?" From the mouths of babes...The name stuck!

So welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm. If your grandpa does not have a farm, please come and spend some time here. Family is important, and you are welcome to be part of ours!

Privacy Policy

At Grandpa's Little Farm we recognize and value the need to protect customer privacy. We do this by first breaking down information entrusted to us into three categories; Personal information, Product information and Financial information. Each of these categories are then managed in a different way.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. This is stored on a single copy of old fashioned 3 X 5 cards. Both the active cards and suspense files are secured in our office. We do not share this information for the purpose of mailing lists or any other reason.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: This pertains to the tools and products any given customer orders. It is stored and maintained in the same 3 X 5 card index mentioned above.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION: This involves the means in which a customer pays for their orders. Presently we accept PayPal, cash or checks, but will soon be accepting credit and ATM cards. We will not maintain customers' credit card numbers and will depend on the way financial institutions maintain such records as appropriate. When we process a payment directly, no numbers will be retained but will be passed on to the appropriate financial institution.

We do maintain dollar amounts in our ledgers and checking accounts. Bank records are maintained per Federal regulation. There is no internet access to our ledger records and when it is necessary for that information to be reviewed outside of our office (Example: Compiling taxes) it is done so in hard copy which is later destroyed.

NOTE: We have had the need to work with individual customers on community sites and blogs. When the discussion turns towards that person placing an order, we immediately create a private message with that customer to conduct the transaction.

Return & Refund Policy

All items sold by Grandpa's Little Farm, be they reconditioned tools, manufactured items or resale items, are personally inspected before being shipped. We, therefore, offer this guarantee; If you are not happy with any item from The Farm and we cannot help you get it working or fix it, we will either replace it or refund your purchase price for the item in mention. This will include all postage involved with the transaction.

If we feel, however, that the customer has purposely damaged the item or used this warranty in a fraudulent manner, we reserve the right to refuse to do business with that customer in the future.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

We primarily use USPS PRIORITY MAIL at The Farm.

DOMESTIC (STATESIDE) USPS shipping is based on the package size the item fits into. The packages and concurrent prices we primarily use are:

Small Flat Rate Envelope
10" X 6"
Normal Flat Rate Envelope
12 1/2" X 9 1/2"
Padded Flat Rate Envelope
12 1/2" X 9 1/2"
Small Flat Rate Box
8 5/8" X 5 3/8" X 1 5/8"
Medium Flat Rate Box
13 5/8" X 11 7/8" X 3 3/8"
11" X 8 1/2" X 5 1/2"
Large Flat Rate Box
23 11/16" X 11 3/4" X 3"
12" X 12" X 5 1/2"

~Lighter items are weighed. If it is cheaper to ship them standard three day postage, this will be done and the savings is refunded to the customer.

~Smaller items such as auger bit and ignition point files are sent in envelopes with additional postage paid.

~Packages are automatically insured for $60 by the United States Postal Service. The Farm self insures-shipments beyond this but requires proof of either loss or damage.

~A SHIPPING NOTICE is e-mailed to the customer at the time of shipment. This will include the USPS routing number and estimated date of delivery.

OVERSEAS SHIPPING (INCLUDING CANADA) USPS shipping is still utilized. Billing is based on:

~Dimensions of container
~Overall weight
~Country of receipt
~Value of goods

It is not possible to calculate postage for any given country at this point.
This will need to be done at the time of orderlng.

Insuring and shipping notices will be utilized whenever possible.

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