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Nubian Dairy Goats


OK, we're not only opening the site again but making a few exciting changes!

FIRST A FINAL TRIBUTE TO OMA. The family met in a parking lot overlooking the wreck of the Peter Iredale on the Northern Oregon coast on the morning of the 12th of November. Over the years, a number of pets passed on who were special to us, so we asked the pilot to make two passes. On the first, he dropped Oma, then all the critters followed her on the second pass.....In a sad note, the pilot then flew up the coast a little further and spread his own Moms ashes over the mouth of the Columbia River.

A couple of weeks later I had a charcoal sketch commissioned for Karin.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

It depicts Oma coming up to the shipwreck. Her husband, Walter is there waiting for her, His ashes were spread near the there in 1976. The dogs are playing in the incoming tide around them and the cat, Sammi, is up in the ribs of the ship.

The sketch is going to a professional framer, but I will build the frame with punky Port Orford cedar under their direction.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
There are some new tools that just are not as good as the originals. Braces are a good example of this. We will continue reconditioning quality vintage tools and trying to make them work as good as, if not better than the day they were made.

MOVING ON!!!! First, we have asked Jessica to re-open the site. We have been taking orders on the side, but now we wide open again!

In fact! We should be able to take ATM and credit cards by the time you read this. The process is still new to us, so for the time being, please contact us directly if you would like to purchase an item in this manner instead of PayPal. Speaking of which, we will continue to handle PayPal orders as well.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
Years ago, we came across and were intrigued by the boxes drill companies offered with their sets. Reproducing these turned out to be a major undertaking, but we are finally here! We also offer a box for the Stanley No. 59 doweling jig. This never existed, but we took old cardboard boxes they came in and produced what we think is a reasonable interpretation.
Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
And here's the prototype. This one is actually on its way to Austria!

We had a great deal of trouble in the past shipping overseas. Traditionally we embedded a certain amount into our prices to cover domestic postage, but orders to Europe, Down Under and even South Africa has been increasing. To address this, we have completely changed our shipping policy. This change is posted on the page.

FUTURE PLANS: We are hoping to beef up our stock levels so that there will no longer be the need to custom order goods. We have been working steadily toward that goal by upgrading machinery and production methods as well as building up stock levels.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
Here's an example of one of the new Rider planes we now offer. We will soon be posting a section for them.
Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

An Oh yes!! We are proud to say we now offer Two Cherries Chisels. These come in a wide range of tools, including a complete line of both bench chisels and carving chisels as well as a complete line of other carving implements. We will have a separate posting for these fine German tools soon, but for the time being, please contact us if you are interested and we will work with you individually!

Stick with us! We'll get there!!!

Ernie (Grandpa) Stephenson

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