Grandpa's Little Farm in Tacoma, Washington

Grandpa's Little Farm

Reconditioned and Custom Hand Made
Woodworking Tools
in Tacoma, Washington

NOTICE: Unfortunately I can not longer cover postage to Europe or Canada. I will still be happy to mail items overseas, but will need to discuss postage ahead of time. In this manner, customers will still know how much they need to pay prior to shipment.


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Nubian Dairy Goats

Hand tools, restored and new
      Reconditioned Tools
          - Drill Bits
          - Stanley No. 59
            Doweling Jig

          - Braces
          - Saws
      Drill Boxes
      Drill Rolls

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Even though I've done a considerable amount of research on saws and have restored several, they are not my main area of expertise. I do have several hundred however and plan to display and offer some on this site in the coming months. In the meantime, I'll invite the reader to contact me if they are looking for a particular make and model. For the record, the predominant brand I have at present happens to be Disston.

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