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One of my favorite has been drill boxes. Over the last several years I've purchased a number of vintage boxes and reverse engineered them. Dimensions have been pretty close to the originals. Most of the old boxes seem to be made of white oak, of which I do have a supply, but I decided to go with quarter sawn Douglas fir instead.

Hardware turned out to be a real problem! Some of the hinges were proprietary and never were available to the public. The brass hinges and latches that can be found are cost prohibitive. Also in many cases, the hardware was just too flimsy.....Remember, these companies were selling drills, not boxes. The solution came from the great folks at a local saw shop where I get my bits dipped. Bill, the owner grabbed the leather tab of his work apron and suggested I give it a try....

......So it was off to a local Tandy Leather store to pick some brains and learn basic leather working!!

Viewers will note the pictures shown here are of two box styles I'm working on in conjunction. The first style is a rendition of a CE Jennings triple tiered box. Overall, the design is relatively simple, but several technical challenges popped up along the way. The biggest problem was getting slots for each bit plowed into the pine shelves. This issue has been solved however and I will soon be making batches of these. Another issue was the clunky look to the screws in the leather "hardware". This problem has been solved by using a special leather adhesive. The screws will also be replaced with copper tacks that will be clinched on the inside of the boxes.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington! Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington! Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

The second style of box was taken from several examples of Irwin boxes. Even though this is a much simpler box, it required a search for the clips that took almost six months! In the end, I settled on nylon clips that are shorter than the originals. Here again, it will be an effort to keep cost down. The original boxes features a metal plate that the clips would simply be pressed into. My version uses a wooden shelf which not only compensates for the shorter clip, but offers some "meat" for them to be screwed down into. The neat thing about this particular box is that it can be offered in several renditions with several selections of bits.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington! Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!

* ~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~ *

They are finally here! I've been working for some time working out the bugs on these drill boxes. We now have two styles to offer. Both have been styled and diminished from existing boxes that were taken apart and used as patterns. The first was taken from original Jennings three tiered box while the other was patterned from several Irwin boxes.

These boxes are made from straight grained Douglas fir with yellow pine inserts. Hinges on the "Jennings" style box are the 5mm hidden barrel type while the "Irwin" style box will employ flat brass hinges. Both of these boxes will use the standard brass clip pictured here.

The three tiered "Jennings" box is $40 while the "Irwin" box will go for $30. Please call or write to order your box.

* ~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~ *

The Three Tier Jennings Box...

I'll be asking $40 for a three tier box, auger bits not included.

Both of these boxes are celebrations of the originals and not meant to be indistinguishable from the older examples. The dimensions are pretty much the same both cases however.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
This shows the front of the new boxes. The Douglas fir was actually harvested off my property. Rough seasoned boards were re-sawed to get this straight grained stock.
Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
The original Jennings box a triple hinge that was never available to the public. I'm using a hidden barrel hinge. They work very nice and nothing had to be changed to the 3/8 in sides.
Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
This label says it all. These are not Jennings boxes. They're Grandpa's boxes!
Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
If you order a auger bit set with the box, this is what you will get. After reconditioning the bit, the tang is dipped in my own special shade of green. I used to have the tips plastic coated, but have gone to wrapping them in tissue paper the way it used to be done. Its a little cheaper and I can check the bit right up to shipping.
Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
It was quite a journey figuring out how to get the grooves right. Want to make your own box and need help here? Contact me and I'll tell you how.

NOTICE: Recently, tool orders have gotten out of control. I'm not only very far behind, but my shop really is not set up to do the type and quantity of restoration needed. In order to solve this problem, I cannot take any more orders for approximately six months (Around the first of July) During this time I will be happy to answer inquiries, offer advice and even help clients find needed tools through other sources. I just need this time to catch up on back orders, get better organized and do several sorely needed projects of my own.

Picture Click to enlarge Description Condition Price (US) Order
The Three Tier Jennings Box The Three Tier
Jennings Box
Three Tier Box, auger bits not included. Flat Rate of $40
Includes Shipping

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