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Individual bits do not often catch the interest of collectors, but braces do. This means I will often be treading into a grey area when offering braces, and the odd occasional collectible piece will be offered. Keep in mind that all braces on this site will be offered as 'users' however.

Stanley 02-253 (No.H1253A) brace
Stanley 02-253 (No.H1253A) brace

Several components of a brace's construction will lend to its overall quality, and this will be addressed when posting each brace. Some points will include the material used on the knob/tote, metal finish, box VS open ratcheting mechanisms, the type of chuck/jaws and whether ball bearings were used. I'll try to cover these points with each offering and will show pictures of the chuck "field stripped" to demonstrate its design. If you are interested in doing some research on your own, I would recommend Sydnas Sloot Home Page. It's a wonderful quick resource.

At this writing, the issue of "patina" is being pondered. Presently the plan is to address each brace individually as it is reconditioned. Just because I'm only offering users, does not mean I want to desecrate a truly worthwhile old tool.

Field stripped Stanley NoH1253A
"Field stripped" Stanley NoH1253A

It's my plan for now to only offer American ratcheting braces and let the fixed/non-ratcheting and English "Ultimatum" style wooden braces go to collectors. Ratcheting braces are the most functional, easy to find and the best bang for the buck. If you are looking for one of the other old timers, a spofford chuck brace, or whatever, please feel free to contact me. Occasionally one of these comes along and I might just have what you are looking for.

Ratchet assemblies will be opened and inspected when practical. All ratchet and chuck parts will then be cleaned and greased. Totes and knobs will be lightly oiled. "Bright work" (wood) and metal surfaces will be cleaned of rust and rouge-buffed if appropriate.

All prices quoted will include shipping via economy ground USPS.

There are about 60 to 80 braces hanging under my shop ceiling at any given time. I do not recondition these until someone orders one. If you are interested in a brace, please let me know what you are looking for. A number of these old beauties are even "old-new", having come from a hardware store that closed down some years ago.

If you are not sure what you are looking for in a brace, please contact me and I will try to give you some sound advice.

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